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Balnea Thermal Circuit

Balnea es an innovative thermal circuit with a big variety of services that thanks to the alternation of cold and heat provides a total feeling of well-being to our. You can enjoy this circuit from 14 years, under 18 years must always be accompanied by adult.

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What includes Balnea?

It is composed by:

  • Saunas at different temperature and humidity.
  • Archena´s Steam Room: steam room with a relative humidity greater than 90 % and a temperature close to 50 ° C, which is applied by the micro-diffusion of minero-medicinal water from the spring of Balneario de Archena.
  • Crosscurrent pool of minero-medicinal water with a temperature of 30-31ºC.
  • Essences/Lemon pool with a bubbles system and a waterfall of minero-medicinal water at a temperature of 34ºC.
  • Flotation pool, with high mineralization water, 80g/l of salt, gives us the felling of isolation and sensitive stimulation with a temperature of 34ºC.
  • Cold water pool, with minero-medicinal water at 20ºC, helps us to get the effective break of heat we collected in the saunas and steam room
  • Igloo: ice cave about 2ºC, which let us an slowly and progressive heat lost getting a feeling of serenity.
  • Contrast showers: set of thermal sensations with different programs, which lead to different phases of stimulation and sedation from hot and cold water.
  • Corridors for walking: two corridors of minero-medicinal water, one warm water at approximately 32 ° C and another cold water at about 20 ° C., where the route generates our legs do passive vascular exercises (the heat causes dilation of the veins and  the cold produces contraction) helping to improve circulation.
  • Rest Areas
  • Warm hammocks & Infrareds

Outdoor area Balnea Thermal Circuit will remain closed on 06/22 from 5:00 p.m.

What eslse can I do?

Massages in Balnea Thermal Circuit:

  • Couples massage: To enjoy together a 30-minute massage in the same cabin using our thermal cosmetic line
  • Back, legs or head short massages.
  • Archena Massagewith mud and thermal water showers.
  • Light legs massages
  • Aquatic assisted relaxation

Beauty massages & Treatments

You can book massages and then you could go in again in the Thermal Circuit showing the ticket.

 See Beauty treatments and promotions

Eating in the Termalium Area

  • Snack-Bar La Piscina, where get a bit, quick and cheap. Combination plate 11€.
  • Restaurante del Agua, if you prefer a more elaborated meal.

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The Thermal Treatments Area is the heart of Balneario de Archena, where the spring of minero-medicinal thermal water is placed. It is located in the Hotel Termas (-2 floor), where are made the thermal treatments, which are an indispensable element in the field of health tourism and a reference both nationally and internationally



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