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Recover sensations and fill yourself with life thanks to our treatments menu

All our treatments are designed to recover the sense of wellbeing that the bustle of everyday life prevents you enjoy.

Thermal Treatments Area (Roman Baths). Because your health is the first: thermal treatments. 

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Thermal Gallery (fuente de los leones)

Treatments are prescribed exclusively by our medical team consisting of a medical officer and three doctors who are specialists in hydrology (knowledge and thermal water treatment).  They prescribe thermal treatments after an exhaustive check of our customers during ther stay. For booking treatments and get a schedule you must go to the Thermal Treatments Reception place in the -1 floor of Hotel Termas ****. There, our staff cares of your health by applying the most effective thermal treatments for your needs: Archena Massage, Mud, Termarchena, thermal or hydromassage bath, bithermic or circular shower, thermal jet, steam room and respiratory treatments.

The balneotherapy treatment along with proper functional recovery techniques (physiotherapy), are a natural, complete and effective therapeutic action.


Archena Massage


A massage that is made under minero-medicinal water showers using thermal mud as a massage vehicle.

It improves circulation while reducing muscle spasms. It will provide body relaxation, sedation and rest, and will relieve emotional tensions of our daily life.


Thermal Mud


This consists of the application of a clay poultice mixed with thermal water, at approximately 45ºC, putting it on joints.

This provides the body with analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, painful musculoskeletal conditions and the effects of trauma.


Termarchena (Swimming)


  • EThis is a smal thermal circuit consisting of a steam room, a thermal water pool at 37ºC, a corridor with contrast showers hot and cold and two cabins providing 5-7 minutes of manual friction with mud and ice on the back.
  • This technique determines an effect of physical relaxation on the body.

Beauty Centre: Renew your attractiveness: beauty treatments.

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Beauty treatment

Balneario de Archena Beauty Centre has a professional team of technical specialists who work with the latest facial and body treatments for personal care:

  • Foot Reflexology, Raclift, Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Chiropractic, Chocolate Massate, Psychosomatic Ayurveda, Magic Honey, Draining Anti-Cellulite Massage, Restful Massage, Peeling Mare Massage, Craniofacial Massage, Diamond Experience….
  • Hairdresser service, manicure and pedicure, makeup and waxing.

Balnea Thermal Circuito. A circuit of contrasts.

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Balnea is an innovative thermal circuit with a big variety of services that thanks to the alternation of cold and heat provedes a total feeling of well-being to our body.

The services you could find in Balnea Thermal Circuit are:

  • Saunas and Steam Room
  • Relaxation Pool, Crosscurrent pool, Flotation pool, Cold-water pool.
  • Igloo, Corridors for walking, Contrast showers…

Moreover, in the Balnea Thermal Circuit you could book and enjoy other treatments such as:


Couples Massage

Couples Massage:

  • To enjoy together a 30-minutes massage in the same cabin using our thermal cosmetic line. Availabe upon previous booking.

Shor Massages: back, legs and head.

 Short Massages:

  • Focus in the bardest hit areas like back, legs and head. These ten-minute massages are perfect to enjoy the variety and relaxation of Balnea in a short time.

Relajación acuática asistida

Aquatic Assited Relaxation:

  • This is a passive bobility technique in water. It is indicated for painful spinal pathologies and neurological column trunk and extremities as well as the need of relaxation.

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