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Thermal Treatments Area


  • Thermal cure or better known as “Crenotherapy” could be seen as an example of natural medicine nonaggressive, a natural therapeutic method, which acts as the main factor minero-medicinal water and techniques for managing them.
  • Modern spa treatments orientation is directed essentially to cover a therapeutic and preventive function while they seek physical and psychic, typical of a best health condition.
  • The results obtained in the Balneario de Archena balneotherapy are highly positive and achieved a major breakthrough in the quality of life for users, enhancing the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, reducing pain and consumption of medicines.
  • The treatments are applied in the Thermal Treatments Area, located in the Hotel Termas **** (floor -2), which offers excellent spa facilities certified with the “Q” mark for tourist quality. 

Medical Consultation

  •  Treatments are prescribed exclusively by our medical team consisting of a medical officer and three doctors who are specialists in hydrology (knowledge and thermal water treatment). They prescribe thermal treatments after an exhaustive check of our customers during their stay. ·        
  • For booking treatments and get a schedule you must go to the Thermal Treatments Reception place in the  -1 floor of Hotel Termas ****.
  • The balneotherapy treatment along with proper functional recovery techniques (physiotherapy), are a natural, complete and effective therapeutic action-

Balneotherapy Treatments



Masaje Archena

  •  A massage that is made under medicinal water showers using thermal mud. Its duration is around 25 minutes and it improves circulation while reducing muscle spasms. It will provide body relaxation, sedation and relaxation effects, and will relieve emotional tensions.
  • It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, painful musculoskeletal conditions, dermatological and respiratory conditions as well as the effects of trauma.



Lodo Termal

  • This consists of the application of a clay poultice mixed with thermal water, at approximately 44ºC. It is called “General” if it is put on the most of the joints and “Local” if it is out on some of them, being the doctor who determines the application; this provides the body with analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions.
  • It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, painful musculoskeletal conditions and the effects of trauma.



Hydromassage bath

  •  This consists of a medicinal mineral water bath, held in individual tubs and air bubbles are added to water. The water temperature is between 37ºC and 39ºC, according to medical prescription.
  • It provides analgesic, relaxing and vasodilator actions on the body. It is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, painful musculoskeletal conditions and the effect of trauma, whilst also being beneficial for skin and respiratory conditions.


  • This involves an application similar to the circular shower, but thermic contrasts are made by cold-hot water, according to pre-set programs.
  • It provides relaxation and stimulation for the body. It is beneficial for venous failures, lower limbs and the body in general.



Circular Shower

  • This consists of applying multiple filiform jets and medicinal mineral water continuously for 5 minutes at a temperature approximately between 37ºC and 39ºC to the body surface.
    • This provides rest and relaxation effects on the body, relieving emotional tensions.



Thermal Steam Room

  • This is a technique based on the customer´s stay in a room with high relative humidity and temperature not normally exceeding 42ºC, which favors heat transmission and gives a deep physical and mental relaxation.
  • It is beneficial for nerves and anxiety conditions, thematic and respiratory diseases.



Thermal Jet

  • This is a general jet pressure, following a well-defined technique throughout the body.
  • It produces a muscle relaxing effect overall body stimulation




  • This is a small thermal circuit consisting of a steam room, a pool of mineral water at 37ºC, a corridor with contrast showers hot and cold and two cabins providing 5-7 minutes of manual friction with mud and ice
  • It is beneficial for nerves and anxiety conditions, and the general stimulation of the body.


It is beneficial for respiratory diseases such as: chronic and asthmatic bronchitis, allergic asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis… This treatment is composed by a serial of different applications in which the respiratory mucous membrane will come into contact with the minero-medicinal water, from more superficial to deeper. For that, we use these different techniques:


Tratamiento respiratorio

  • Nasal wash & gargles: It allows cleaning of the mucosa by dragging while increases immunity level of the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa.
    • Nebulization room: It is an inhalation in a room where there is a mist using a nebulizer, saturating the room with water mist droplets in suspension.
  • Individual Nebulization: It is an inhalation directly on a nebulizer. Aspirating minero-medicinal fine water drops.
  • Vaporization: It is an inhalation of mineral water vapor refrigerated at 38ºC. Good decongestant.
  • Aerosol therapy: It is an inhalation of drops about 1 micron size. This occurs when you go through a sonic spray. The droplet can reach the alveolar mucosa.

Respiratory therapy must be prescribed by the doctor as well as the rest thermal treatments, adapted to the specific needs of each person. You can arrange a single day, in this case it is recommended that a steam room for pulmonary dilation was previously made, or several days doing a full treatment prescription and always under medical supervision.



Relajación acuática asistida

  • This consists of a passive motion technique in a swimming pool with high salinity which facilitates flotation (100g/l). It requires a therapist skilled in this art. Thanks to the flotation, it is possible to reach a relaxation state which can be so intense, that you may fall asleep on the water.  It is very beneficial for both mental and physical relaxation.
  • The high content of salt favours the resolution of certain chronic cutaneous process and produces an important stimulus of the organism. (This service is made in Balnea, in the flotation pool)

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