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The Hot Springs: Thermal Gallery in Murcia

You can enjoy a personalized service for the treatment of specific ailments of the locomotive system, respiratory system disorders or certain dermatological processes, as well as medical services for dietary advice, specific weight loss programs or treatment of stress and anxiety with psychological support.

Everything you need to improve your quality of life and enjoy an environment specially designed to take care of your health

All thermal treatments carried out at Balneario de Archena are previously prescribed and supervised by the medical team, in order to guarantee and try to obtain the best final results.

For this reason, the thermal treatment is personalized according to the specific pathology of each of its patients.

Galería Termal zona de espera

The Thermal Gallery

The Thermal Gallery is located in -2 of the Hotel Termas and there are applied the balneotherapy treatments made with mineral-medicinal water and that constitute the indispensable element in the field of health tourism and the treatments with water, certified with the Seal of Quality by the Spanish Institute of Tourist Quality.

The recommended age to enjoy these services will be from 16 years old, minors of this age may undergo treatment under the medical supervision of our hydrotherapy specialists.



The Spa Cure or Thermal Cure

The Cura Balnearia or Cura Termal could be considered as an example of natural non aggressive medicine, a natural therapeutic procedure, in which the main factor is the mineral-medicinal water and the techniques of administration of the same ones.

Galería Termal lodos