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Physiotherapy and functional recovery treatments

The physiotherapy service of Balneario de Archena has the technical and professional means necessary to apply in a personalised way the treatment that the client needs under prescription and supervision of the Hydrologist, who will adapt in consultation the suitability of the thermal treatment complemented with physiotherapy to cure, improve or prevent health problems.


Column treatment

A high percentage of people suffer from neck or back pain throughout their lives. The most frequent causes such as osteoarthritis, disc pathology, trauma and muscle contractures are the most frequent causes and produce pain and stiffness.

Manual therapy in the form of massage, osteopathy, thermo-electrotherapy in combination with thermal treatment and pool exercises, effectively manages to improve the painful symptoms and consequently the functionality of the spine.

Joint treatment

Osteoarthritis, orthopaedic surgery, trauma and sports injuries cause pain in the osteo-articular system, reduced movement and loss of autonomy in movement and daily life activities.

Relieving pain and recovering the functionality of the joints is the fundamental objective of our treatments, as well as preventing relapses or the appearance of new injuries.

Our proposal for the cure, improvement or prevention of these pathologies are joint mobilizations, analgesic electrotherapy, acupuncture and application of mud.


Circulatory treatment

Pressotherapy is the treatment of choice for venous return disorders, as well as for bimalleolar edemas (due to fluid retention) and lymphedemas.

The application of these pressure boots produces a sequential emptying that favors and activates the venous return, elimination or reduction of the edemas and

Laser therapy

The Helium-Neon laser, applied in a punctual manner prior to the diagnosis of the lesion, is aimed at obtaining an anti-inflammatory and analgesic response in lesions such as epicondylitis and sprains, in addition, it helps to heal certain skin ulcers (varicose ulcers, pressure ulcers…)


Neuromuscular bandage

The application of this type of bandage produces effects or actions on the body: analgesic effect by decreasing the pressure on the receptors that are in the subcutaneous space; circulatory effect by increasing the space where the capillary vessels are located and neuromechanical effect.