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Beauty Thermal Center

The Balneario de Archena has a professional team made up of specialist technicians who work with the latest body and facial treatments for personal care.

Body Treatments

Relax with our body treatments where you can restore the physical and mental balance that our body needs. Cleaning and purifying your skin with a deep hydration, eliminating toxins and calming muscle pain. Choose among our body treatments the one that best suits your needs or let our team of specialists advise you.

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Citrus Bath Vitamin C

The Citrus Vitamin C Bath is a sensory treatment of approximately 60 minutes, which dramatically smoothes the surface of the skin thanks to its highly effective exfoliating agents. Feel the citrus energy that removes dead cells to reveal a protected and radiant skin like never before.

Chakra Stone Massage

The Chakra Stone Massage is done with volcanic stones. The contact of the body with the hot lava stones brings serenity. It is especially indicated for energetic imbalances, states of tension, congestion, stiffness and body contractions or pain. The massage lasts approximately 90 minutes.

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Centro Beauty

Chocolate Massage

Chocolate is an excellent anti-wrinkle that moisturizes and tones the body, acting on the nervous system as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety, stimulating euphoria, remineralizing and revitalizing the epidermis, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The massage lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Peeling Mare

Peeling Mare consists of cleaning and purifying the skin with a deep hydration based on salts from the Mar Menor, with the action of aromatic spices from the Mediterranean climate. It naturally detoxifies the epidermis.

Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments will help you to recover the luminosity of your skin and face. They are indicated to achieve an adequate level of moisture of the skin, eliminate blemishes, improve facial flaccidity and attenuate expression marks, reducing skin ageing thanks to the properties of Archena’s medicinal mineral water. Let our team of specialists advise you.

Thermalium Oxygen

Termalium Oxygen, cleans and moisturizes the skin in depth thanks to the combination of a deep exfoliation, a relaxing massage with Thermal Oxygen Serum, Collagen Veil and finishing with the application of Thermal Oxygen Cream. The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes.

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Hydration and Collagen Veil

Hydration and Collagen Veil is a technique to moisturize the skin, achieve luminosity and attenuate expression marks, indicated against skin aging, reaffirming and moisturizing. Recommended after previously cleansing the skin. It´s  duration is of approximately 60 minutes.


Inhibit is a treatment based on hyaluronic acid and collagen that penetrates deep layers of the skin, achieving a wrinkle-filling result and incorporating an ultra-luminous peeling. It takes approximately 60 minutes.

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Facial Cleansing with Peeling

Skin Cleansing with Peeling is a treatment designed to improve your appearance, correct the dilation of the pores, eliminate the most superficial cells and extract the famous “blackheads” and micro cysts.

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More facial and body treatments

Balneario de Archena offers a wide range of facial and body treatments, including more varieties of massages and a multitude of other experiences.

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