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PEELING WITH HONEY AND SALT: It is a full-body peeling that uses a blend of honey, almond oil and salt with Mediterranean herbs. The result is an intensive skin peeling and stimulation of the skin through the action of salts.

THERMIC CONTRAST SHOWER: This involves an application similar to the circular shower, but thermic contrasts are made bye cold-hot water, according to pre-set programs. It provides relaxation and stimulation for the body. It is beneficial for venous failures, lower limbs and the body in general.

CIRCULAR SHOWER: This consists of applying multiple filiform jets and medicinal mineral water continuously for 5 minutes at a temperature approximately between 37ºC and 39ºC to the body surface. This provides rest and relaxation effects on the body, relieving emotional tensions.

ACUATYC RELAXATION: Treatment carried out in a thermal water pool, using techniques and flotation movements guided by a technician, this method manages to bring the body to a state of wellbeing and relaxation.

ARCHENA BIKE MASSAGE: Variety of massage performed under mineral-medicinal water showers, in which thermal mud is used as a massage product. Concerning the legs, cold gel or ice will be used alternated with hot water showers and mud at room temperature. Hot water showers and mud at room temperature will be used on the rest of the body. he treatment is carried out in a swimming pool with high salinity which facilitates flotation (100g/l). Thanks to the flotation, it is possible to reach a relaxation state which can be so intense, that you may fall asleep on the water. It is an adaptation of craniosacral therapy to the aquatic environment and is an exclusive technique of Balneario de Archena.