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Forget about routine and tiredness


FRESH CELLS: This is a treatment inspired by cellulose therapy. It uses cellular extracts obtained through biotechnology that provides deep and harmonious skin revitalization. For all skin types. Duration: 90 min.

DIAMOND LIFE EXPERIENCE INFUSION: Overall intensive treatment that provides a firmer, luminous and visibly rejuvenated skin. The ritual begins with a deep skin cleaning, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and frees the skin of all kinds of toxins. It is a latest generation anti-aging ritual. Duration: 90 min.


BEAUTY BODY MASSAGE It is suitable to relieve the body of regular stiffness and muscle spasms. It can also be applied on specific areas of the body. Duration: 30 min.

RESTFUL MASSAGE It restores physical and mental balance. It helps you to calm down all the stress you may have accumulated in your daily routine. Duration: 60min.

CELLULITE DRAINING MASSAGE: It is a massage with active ingredients that help to reduce body fat. Duration: 60min.

LYMPHATIC BODY DRAINAGE: It is a soft massage that activates the lymphatic circulation. It helps the body to eliminate toxins and to combat fluid retention and cellulite. Duration: 60 min

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: It produces a significant improvement in the corporal function. Recommended to avoid the stress. Duration: 45 min.

DIAMOND EXPERIENCE ROSE MASSAGE: Made with diamond powder and micronized iron, purifies and cleanses the skin bringing balance and harmony to mind and body. Counteracts the harmful effects of magnetic fields around us (mobiles, computers, TV, microwaves …) and also mitigates the effects of stress and improves the skin cellular function. Duration: 90 min.

SLIMMING AND FIRMING TREATMENT: Controlled thermo activation treatment. Indicated in problems of obesity, blood and lymphatic circulation. Duration: 60 min