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Safety and Hygiene Measures

 Safety Measures Proposal Covid-19


Relax and feel safe at Balneario de Archena

We’re coming back and we want to do it safely and securely. At Balneario de Archena we have implemented security measures so that you can enjoy our thermal facilities.


  • Quality Certifications

To guarantee the safety of our facilities, we are certified by the Institute of Tourist Quality with the `Q´ of Tourist Quality and with the Safe tourism certified, cumplying with all the security measures adapted to the current situation.


  • Services to clients

To reduce the time in receptions we implemented:

  1. Covid-19 Antigenos Test: In case of symptoms, under prescription of our medical service
  2. Online service: general information, letters, mobile rates
  3. We prioritize card payment


  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols

All our facilities use cleaning protocols endorsed by the ICTE Tourism Quality Institute and the Q Quality Standards.

  1. Cleaning of surfaces in common areas – disinfection of reception, corridors, bathrooms, restaurants and other common areas in hotels is carried out following protocols, products and frequency.
  2. Disinfection of rooms – we use cleaning products of maximum efficiency on all surfaces, objects and decorative elements
  3. Kitchen and utensil sterilization – through cleaning products and practices following quality protocols


  • Gastronomy services

To minimize risks, we have adapted our processes for ordering, preparing, delivering, consuming and paying for gastronomy services

  1. Supplier certification – we follow the strictest safety protocols in the delivery processes
  2. Food safety – we minimize product handling and human contact in both preparation and service.


  • Social distancing rules

At Balneario de Archena we propose measures to make easier the social distance required in the interaction with other people.

  1. Safety signs – we have created specific signs in all common areas of the hotel reminding the need to maintain a safe distance.
  2. Redesign of common areas – the furniture has been relocated, following the new legislation, to help clients maintain social distance


  • Personal protection

We offer protection to all our clients, employees and suppliers throughout their stay.

  1. Safety and disinfection elements for clients – access to disinfectant gel.
  2. Mandatory equipment for suppliers – all suppliers entering the hotel do so following the necessary safety measures.


  • Air and water purification protocols

In all hotels we follow the strictest standards of purification and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as water and pool purification.

  1. Air quality – we increase the frequency of inspections of ventilation systems and decontamination protocols.
  2. Water disinfection – we follow updated drinking water disinfection standards and revised wastewater treatment protocols.
  3. Swimming pools and fountains – we apply new water sanitation protocols, more frequently and we remove commonly used hair dryers.


  • Employee health and safety protocols

For added safety, all our staff meet the health requirements for work.

  1. Daily monitoring – staff are monitored for temperature before and after their workday.
  2. Early detection protocols – and action plans in case of health problems at customers with the option of isolation, protective material, contact with medical services and transport logistics
  3. Specific training of the staff – to apply protocols and safety practices adapted to health regulations.


Balneario de Archena will comply with all the regulations implemented by the Central Government and that of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and will adapt to any additional measures taken to comply with the regulations and ensure the safety and hygiene of our clients.

These measures may be modified according to the evolution of the Covid-19 and temporarily suspended for operational needs.