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Beauty Centre


Discover our Beauty Centre in the Termalium Area, next to the Spa Thermal Swimming-pools Reception.  Beauty Centre is our new aesthetic centre & hairdresser where you will feel good and you could pamper yourself with the most innovative beauty treatments.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday:

Morning: 10 a.m to 2 p.m / Afertoon: 4 to 8 p.m


Mornig: 10 a.m to 2 p.m / Afternoon: 3 to 7 p.m


Facial cleansing with mask (60 min.)

It includes a deep exfoliation followed by hair removal from upper lip and eyebrows, and our Termalium relaxing massage, which together with the suitable mask, will return the luminosity to your skin.

Oxygen Termalium (90 min.)

It cleans and hydrates the skin in depth thanks to the combination of a deep exfoliation, a relaxing massage using the Termalium Oxygen Cream (exclusive to Balneario de Archena) and a collagen veil. It leaves the skin deeply moisturized with a radiant appearance.

Termalium Caviar (75 min.)

Formulated to invigorate and recover the elasticity of the skin. It combines deep exfoliation and relax massage with our Caviar Serum (exclusive to Balneario de Archena) and a caviar veil.

Fresh Cells (90 min.)

It uses cellular extracts obtained through biotechnology that provides deep and harmonious skin revitalization. It helps to fight against the aging signs of the skin in an effective way.

Cleansing & Collagen Veil(60 min.)

Technique that combines intense skin cleansing, including pores, hair removal of upper lip and eyebrows, and relaxing massage with Termalium Serum suited to your skin type, which together with a collagen veil will return to your skin hydration and radiance.

Hydratation & Collagen Veil(60 min.)

Technique to moisturize, getting light and attenuate expression lines.

Craneo-Facial Massage (30 min.)

Delicious massage making pressure at different points of the head and face. Relieves sinusitis and migraines. Suitable for energy imbalances congestion, states of tension and stiffness.

Diamond Experience Energy Facial (60 min.)

Redefines, nourishes and rejuvenates. Energizing protocol designed to treat devitalized skin because of environmental stress or cell damage. This treatment is suitable for younger skins.

Diamond Experience (Life Infusion Ritual) (90 min.)

Overall intensive treatment that provides a firmer, luminous and visibly rejuvenated skin. The ritual begins with a deep skin cleaning, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and frees the skin of all kinds of toxins. It is a latest generation anti-aging ritual.

Vitamin C Essential (Citrus Treatments)(60 min.)

It fills your skin with the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. It is a nutrient rich treatment that revives your senses while stimulating collagen production, it reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin intensely .


Beauty Body Massage (30 min.)

It is suitable to relieve the body of regular stiffness and muscle spasms. It can also be applied on specific areas of the body.

ChocolatE Massage (90 min.)

Chocolate is an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment. First, we apply a peeling to prepare the skin and then we apply the chocolate. It moisturizes and tones the skin. It is suitable for treatments against stress and anxiety.

Chakra Stone Massage (90 min.)

Made with volcanic stones. The contact of the body with the warm volcanic stones provides serenity. Recommended for energy imbalances, tension, congestion and stiffness.

Psychosomatic Ayurveda (75 min.)

It is a sedative body massage which together with a head massage calms the nervous system, encouraging optimism and general well-being.

 Cellulite Draining Massage (60 min.)

It is a massage with active ingredients that help to reduce body fat

 Restful Massage (60 min.)

It restores physical and mental balance. It helps to calm all the stress that you have accumulated in your daily routine.

Peeling Mare Massage (60 min.)

It cleanses and purifies the skin with a deep hydration thanks to the Mar Menor salts because of the action of spices of the Mediterranean climate. It detoxifies the epidermis in a naturally way by stimulating the different processes of removing dead skin cells and other impurities.

Aromatherapy Massage (45 min.)

In this technique they used essential oils to improve physical, mental health or both. Essential oils are applied directly to the skin with a body massage.

Lymphatic Body Drainage (60 min.)

It is a soft massage that activates the lymphatic circulation. It helps the body to eliminate toxins and to combat fluid retention and cellulite.

Foot Reflexology (45 min.)

It is a tecnique of stimulating points of the feet, which are connected to each of the organs of the body, providing relaxation.

Hands or Feet Oxygen Treatment (30 min.)

It is an anti-aging treatment that prevents and treats the signs of skin aging in hands and feet, spots, wrinkles and dehydration. This treatment combines exfoliation to provide skin radiance, and the serum , which acts as an inhibitor of melanin, preventing or acting on the spots in case they have appeared , while protecting against free radicals.

Diamond Experience Rose Massage (90 min.)

Scrub ritual and relaxing body massage that renews, moisturizes and softens the skin, while providing a unique feeling of relaxation and comfort. It provides a quickly and deep hydration and also it alleviates the feeling of fatigue and stress with an exquisite and soft frangancia of rose of Damascus. It maintains the excellence of the Diamond Experience Treatment of Natura Bissé.

Slimming & Firming Treatment (60 min.)

Controlled heat activation treatment. Indicated in blood circulation,

lymphatic and weight problems.


Sensory treatment that smoothes the surface of the skin thanks to itshighly effective exfoliation agents. Feel the citrus energy that removesdead skin cells to reveal a protected and radiant skin like never before.


Diamond Treatment. Ritual of Celebs (140 min.)

Embrace yourself in the exquisite fragrance of the rose of Damascus in this revitalizing protocol that nourishes your skin intensely. This is a micro-granulate exfoliating emulsion that smoothes skin texture remarkably revealing an extraordinarily smooth and glowing skin .

Royal Citrus Ritual (90 min . )

This is a facial and body ritual in which the sophistication and overall care of this treatment provide the skin all the necessary benefits for everyday life. The active ingredients combine with manual techniques are the perfect mixture for an authentic dance of the senses. The end result is a remodeled skin on face and body, bright and nourished that shines in all its splendour.

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